Scott Laufer
Programmer ⋅ Web Developer ⋅ Five Raccoons Wearing an Overcoat

About Me

I'm Scott Laufer. I'm a programmer and web developer from Buffalo, New York. I'm currently a Java developer at Synacor. Previously, I majored in Computer Science at University at Buffalo.

My interests in Computer Science mostly revolve around user interfaces and methods of delivering and representing data to humans -- better integrating computers and their users, without hampering the effectiveness of either. It's an area with a strong aesthetic component, which makes it even more interesting.

Away from the computer, I was previously a (sometimes competitive) powerlifter in the 181 and 165 lb. weight classes. Recently, I've become more involved in bodyweight training.



I sometimes post images related to software development in my Imgur gallery.

Some of my projects are on Github.